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Samantha Wolfe Interview on XR for Business Podcast

Samantha Wolfe, a managing partner of PHASE2, co-author of "Marketing New Realities: An Introduction to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Marketing, Branding, and Communications", and admin of Facebook's VR/AR/MR Marketing and Branding group is interviewed by Alan Smithson of XR Ignite on his XR for Business podcast.

Samantha points out in regard to XR and Marketing: "Once you get over all the acronyms and some spatial thinking or whatever, it’s really back to the basics of the marketing and branding and positioning and communication. After that… I mean, for me, it ends up being like, “who are your users? What do they do? What are they doing now? How have you already been engaging with your customers? What are they expecting of you?” And then, how can you use AR and VR or maybe a new technology to be able to augment that, and supplement that, and complement that?"

Hear the full lively discussion at XR for Business.

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